Sådan opbevares zinkoxidpulver videnskabeligt


Opbevaringzinkoxidpulver videnskabeligt

zinkoxidpulver is used in rubber, ceramics, paint factories and cement, some food and drug industries, etc., these will use zinkoxidpulver as an additive to improve the performance and use value of the product. How should manufacturers buy a large amount of zinkoxidpulver? Next, the editor will tell everyone about the precautions!

1. Vandtæt og fugtbestandig

Waterproof and moisture-proof work will attract attention in all kinds of industrial production. I believe that the staff will also do a good waterproof and moisture-proof work when storing and storing. It is worth noting that if there is water leakage in the storage place, it must be wet. The zinkoxidpulver in the water is placed separately from the dry one to avoid secondary cross-contamination.

2. Opbevares forseglet

Som vi alle ved, zinkoxidpulver is very easy to chemically react with oxygen in the air, resulting in secondary oxidation, so when storing, you must first do the sealing work, although the sealing measures have been taken during production and transportation, if the user hoards a certain amount For zinkoxidpulver, it is important to do a good job of sealing in the warehouse, and regularly check the sealing condition of the zinkoxidpulverr tromle.